“Venus in Fur” the play

October 22nd, 2014

Check out my review of this live theater production of the Tony Winner “Venus in Fur”…a true BDSM erotic power exchange! Read more….

Movie Time!!! Top 3 new picks

October 22nd, 2014

Movie time!
Yes, it’ s that time of year again in the US, when the best of the best are coming out on the big screen; three of the top new films today are reviewed below: “The Judge”, “Birdman” and “St. Vincent”. All 5 stars!!! Read all about it…

Reflections on Summer’s End…

September 3rd, 2014

Summer by the lake
I hope you are having a warm and breezy re-entry into normalcy this week. It’s the week after the unofficial end of summer, or Labor Day in the USA. Emails are whizzing into the computer and the phone’s abuzz with inquiries about private sessions and trainings. It’s fall!

Here are some thoughts & delicious photos of my trip back East to Massachusetts near Cambridge–with Gina Ogden, an outdoors museum filled with erotic sculptures, dead authors, and more…. Read on…(click title)

Be with Dr. Patti “LIVE” this year….here’s where to find her

May 31st, 2014

Come be with me this year! Come be with me this year!



I’d love to meet you in person. Check out my presentations LIVE at these events.

ROSTER 2014:

11/1-2: Amazing SAR Experience in Los Angeles, CA; seating is limited; sign up here.

ROSTER 2105:


1/18-19//15: SHE Expo in Los Angeles, CA ~ Visit our booth

3/18-20, 15: GROW: Gain Recognition, Own Your Worth” in Los Angeles, CA: 2 days of clinical skills training and one day on the secrets of business success

3/21-22/15: Amazing SAR Experience in Los Angeles, CA

5/23-24/15: Ultimate SAR Experience in Warsaw, Poland

5/26-30/15: ASPEX: Advanced Sexological Personal Exploration Xperience” 5-day experiential intensive at countryside retreat outside of Warsaw, Poland; Contact Info: Dr. AGata Loewe: achmurka@post.home.pl

7/25-28/15: World Congress of Sexology; Singapore, Indonesia

9/6-12/15: “SHIFT”: Sex Coaching High Level Intensive for Trainers~ 5-day intensive (Los Angeles area); limited to certified sex coach graduates

10/21-23/15: “GROW: Gain Recognition, Own Your Worth” in Los Angeles, CA: 2 days of clinical skills training and one day on the secrets of business success

10/24-25/15: Amazing SAR Experience in Los Angeles, CA

To find me LIVE at more speaking and training opportunities, sign up for my newsletter now.

xo, Dr. Patti

“Breakthrough to Sex Coaching” – Free consultation

May 30th, 2014

gold ocean view


Do you feel a calling to help your clients resolve their sexual blocks and reach their ultimate sexual pleasure and satisfaction?

SexCoachU, the premier sex coach training & credentialing organization in the world, is now offering FREE personal discovery consultation sessions. Join the new sexual revolution and get trained as a professional sex coach TODAY! (read more…)

Trip Report: Part 2~ Warsaw, Poland

May 30th, 2014

Warsaw street fun
Check out my second part of the trip: We love training the sexuality professionals in Poland. The Poles to me are some of the most intelligent yet sensitively feeling people I’ve ever met. Many of the women –including translators and facilitators for our programs–are the new guard, leading the way to sexual freedom. Hear ye, hear ye!..Read more by clicking the title above

Trip report: Part 1~Berlin & the gorgeous Polish seaside…

May 22nd, 2014

Happy by the sea!
Catch my insights and spectacular photo essay on our recent trip….
READ MORE (click above)

Wise Words from America’s Sex Coach

May 21st, 2014

I had a wonderful conversation about sex coaching with co-founders of Institute of Conscious Sex and Relationships for their recent online conference. You can still purchase the entire event with over 40+ other sex and relationship experts sharing their best advice and insights. Here’s just a short snippet from the transcript, and video of our conversation.

Rewire.com: Sensate focus is coming back!

May 13th, 2014

iStock_000018468846Small Check out this interesting article (in which I am quoted) about sensate focus and its use and benefits.
On the benefits of using Sensate Focus, Dr. Patti Britton observes “It is stunning how deeply people grow, heal, and find joy and their unique authenticity in the process,” (and) she says, “It’s a wonderful way to get couples to be present with each other. It also conveys the positive and empowering message that ‘you can ask for what you want.’ Your partner is there for you.” Read the article here. (click title)

ISIS Network Launches: The new holistic approach for sexual healing is alive and well!

March 17th, 2014

Gina head shot

If you have ever attended any of my professional trainings, workshops or speaking events, you know I am a huge fan of the holistic imprint and shamanic healing techniques brought to the mainstream by my dear colleague, friend and internationally recognized pioneer in the world of sexology. She is none other than the famous, brilliant, compassionate healer, noted author and leading sex therapist, Gina Ogden! Learn more about the ISIS Network and about my role as an ISIS Practitioner by clicking above. Better yet, you can become trained in the basics of ISIS, by taking her online course as part of SexCoachU’s Experts Academy. Learn more here. Sex Coach U