The Adventures of Her in France, 3rd Edition

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The Adventures of Her in France…The bedside companion you’ll want to spend the night with….

The Adventures of HER in France

The Adventures of HER in France

Dr. Patti Britton has moved from the podium into the boudoir with her saucy novel, The Adventures of HER In France.

Xaviera Hollander of Happy Hooker fame named it the “new Emanuelle for this Millennium”.  Dr. Joy Davidson (Men’s Fitness, Playgirl) comments, “HER is a bewitching, courageous ode to the powers of sexual freedom and surrender, and an inspiration to every woman who seeks to set her own erotic spirit free.” People are calling it beautiful, classy, tasteful, hot, explicit yet soft, an odyssey into romance! The Adventures of Her in France… is the new romantic novel, with a sexual twist at every possible corner.

Among HER’s many sizzling adventures are:

* A transcendent night of romance with her beau in Paris, City of Lights
* An escape into abandon at a haunting chateau in the countryside
* A visit to the town of Aix en Provence where she meets the Priestess of Euphoria
* A past life encounter with true love in a Martiques wine cave
* A transformation into a Goddess through powerful ritual

The fictional work is based on an actual trip that Dr. Britton made to France to paint landscapes. The Adventures of HER In France is enhanced with original, mood-making art illustrations that reflect the passion of France. Britton captures your imagination, eye and sexual attention while taking you on a virtual lesson in art. Each chapter begins with an inspirational quote about art and life, while teaching you about the longings of women worldwide.

A nationally board-certified Clinical Sexologist/Sex Coach, Dr. Patti Britton has improved the sex lives of thousands through her videos, lectures, workshops, websites, and private practice. As the original sexpert at, as a sought-after media pro, and with over 300 appearances on TV, radio, and in magazines, Dr. Patti says,  “I wrote this book as a sexologist and novelist, without a single slang word!” Britton adds “ I wanted to respond to the thousands of requests I get for fantasy material that empowers women with positive role models for pleasure. Often sexual desire lags behind the empty well of fantasy–especially for women; whether it’s about relationships or just sheer erotic pleasures, women need outlets for their unique forms of sexual expression. This is one of those outlets.”  The Adventures of HER In France  (ISBN 0971271-0-0) is available now in this special offer only.

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